Hi!  I’m Kate. This used to be a travel and dining blog, and I left my travel job to move to New York City, then I moved to Los Angeles, so now it’s a city life/dining/cooking blog. Comments are welcome, especially the ones that will be appreciated.

I have been a published freelance writer since I was a sophomore in high school (see below).  I graduated from the University of Virginia with distinction in 2005.  I worked in the independent film and television casting community in Austin and Dallas, then moved on to do alumni relations/event planning for my alma mater for two years. I now work in television production.

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The Hook
Charlottesville, Virginia newsweekly

Restaurant reviews
Valley Victory, for Polyface and for new Zynodoa, published November 20, 2008
Nacho Heaven, published December 11, 2008
Rock of Ivy: Duner’s Rotates that Locavore Menu, published April 23, 2009

Food news
Harvest Days: Think Global, Act Local, published October 30, 2008
Pork Belly Spending, published October 15, 2008

Spicy Bear Media – cVillain.com
Charlottesville, Virginia social networking and news/culture/dining site

Guns, cherries, corks, and all the news that popped in 2007, posted January 3, 2008
Goodbye!, my last post, March 14, 2008

The Free Lance Star
Fredericksburg, Virginia daily
Awarded “Best Feature” from National Federation of Press Women for a profile of young female pilots called “Fly Girls” (PDF can be emailed on request). Very few of my published works can be found online in the FLS archives, but I’m glad to have these.

Working for The Man, published June 26, 2001
Rocker Lou Reed Looks Ahead, Nods to Past, published June 12, 2003

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