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My favorite New Yorker cartoon, by Charles Barsotti.

The New Yorker recently made the full length versions of many of its articles available to all on before introducing a paywall this fall, which is at once magnanimous, historic, and TOTALLY OVERWHELMING. I’d like to offer 13 of my favorite New Yorker articles of the last ten years, for your reading or printing-and-saving enjoyment. Consider it a little birthday present (today’s my birthday) from my inner geek to yours. Read the rest of this entry »

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Ni hao! ^^

I regret that I went to China in October, co-leading a Cavalier Travels tour, and eight months later, I’ve not turned my notes into a post.  (I’ve been a little busy, and I’m not talking about the blogging aspect of this.)  I’d like to think I’m halfway there–photos and captions are ready.  Captions correspond to the photos above them.  To jump to a city or site, simply click on the anchor links.  Enjoy.

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