Let me tell you: I can be a complete idiot. –Like the time when I booked my Cincinnati trip and forgot to reserve a rental car? And my favorite (NOT) rental car company that starts with an E was out of cars and offered me a 15-passenger van? And oh yeah, it was about 8pm and the middle of winter and pouring rain?

Long story short: I got in, I took a cab to my hotel, and I took a cab to Beluga Sushi. I’d made the reservation before I even left Charlottesville, but I seriously thought (no offense, Ohio) that they wouldn’t accommodate me on a Monday night after 9pm. I was SO wrong! They welcomed me by name, sat me in their main dining room near (but next to) a big party of hot 20-somethings, and served me some of the best sushi of my life.

The rest of my trip was intensely work-oriented, as it’s supposed to be. One quick story, and one observation. I looked up places to get take-out food near my hotel on the Best of Cincinnati website and otherwise Googled “cincinnati dining” and “cincinnati salad,” and I found a restaurant within walking distance called the Universal Grille. I was especially pleased to see that it was a gay-friendly establishment, as I like patroning open-minded restaurants. When I arrived, it was immediately obvious that it was a gay bar! My food wasn’t ready, so I hung out. No one hit on me! I was disappointed. Anyway, fantastic salad, but I’ll get fried chicken next time, not grilled. It was the bartender’s recommendation to get grilled because it’s healthier.

I spent a very brief overnight in Columbus. I can not speak highly enough of Lindey’s, a popular restaurant in the German Village.  It was packed on the weekday night I was visiting.  The menu is fine American bistro fare. 



Cincinnati: two stadiums on the water.


Downtown Cincinnati.


Museum Center at Union Terminal in Cincinnati.


Cincinnati skyline from the Terminal.


An all too noticeable difference between the south side and north side of the city.




Columbus from my room in the Hyatt.


Beautiful alley in Columbus.


The state capitol– interesting building.