I’m sitting in the Charlotte Airport. I was looking forward to my first Charlotte Airport meal not from Chili’s (though I do love Chili’s and the waitress who slips me free fries with my salad).  But I’ve just realized that the sunny sportsbar is a sunny Fox Sports Skybox sportsbar. I’ve not gone on a second date with a guy because he watched Fox News exclusively, and suddenly I’m paying the company $12 for a salad. What has prompted me to write this blog is that they guys at the table behind me are saying, “Carne asada,” repeatedly, rolling the “r” in “carne” as the lions do in the Taco Bell commercial announcing the special. It has been going on for about four minutes. I know—advertising works. But does advertising really ever work so well that grown men would think this is funny, over and over again?

On the plane to get here, I was just reading a recent New Yorker article detailing the life of Tom Monaghan, the founder of Domino’s Pizza, on a crusade to create a Catholic university and a community to house it in southern Florida. According to Monaghan, his faith has compelled him to spend his life’s fortune on this endeavor. I enjoyed this piece for two reasons. First, being raised Catholic, I like good press. The fact that I’m not that “into it” is beside the point; I’m just sick of the, “See? Martin Luther totally saw this [scandal, embezzlement, sex crime] coming!”  Of course, this does fall into the category of, “See?  They are crazy.” press.  So it goes. Second, the article actually acknowledged that our country is rife with Christian conservatives.  Sometimes, I think the New Yorker tries to work in a reference to Al Gore winning the popular vote in 2000 to every issue.  Well, unfortunately, he lost.  The mistake the New Yorker usually makes (but not today!) is it to assume New Yorkers are somehow representative of the country’s population—not the guys whose deepest thought today is a Taco Bell ad.

They’re stilll doing it!